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THE PATH is a three-part short story that will guide you through the formative moments of a young Shinobi.

CHAPTER ONE gives you access to our complete first chapter right out of our 1st Edition Corebook!

The ACTION WHEEL introduces you to our innovative and simple character sheet and game mechanics!

Learn about the Shinobi LINEAGES, the nine distinctive clans that make up the Shadow Folk.

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What Is


Blood: Path of the Shinobi is a stripped-down, punk-rock roleplaying game. We put the focus on the players and the story, not clunky systems or over-

developed mechanics;
And it goes a little something like this:

The land screams under the yolk of oppression. The sea boils with poison. The sky offers a mocking fantasy of hope. This world is draped with dread and darkness - and the glint of light that can pierce this shroud comes at the point of an outlaw's razor. 


In Blood you take on the role of Shinobi, a motley assortment of ninja freedom-fighters striving to bring even a single ray of light into the dark world of Riku. A world dominated by cruel corporations, authoritarian police states, and a religion of subjugation. For the nine Lineages of the Shinobi, there’s no shortage of wrongs to be righted. All that stands between them and the tangible freedom they seek are hordes of demon-worshiping cultists, cyber-strewn authoritarians, and the maddening wails from beyond the ether. 

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